Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mystery in Three Parts

I am going to be teaching mystery writing the end of September on the writing cruise (see earlier blog) but now, as part of winning the Sage award, I will be teaching mystery writing at the WastLake Barnes and Noble bookstore in Austin, TX the 14th thru the 16th of May. This should be fun and a dry run for the cruise course. This is fortunate but now I have to get ready on top of a number of speaking engagements the Library Board, fixing a broken pipe and taling care of some grandkids while their parents are away for a while on top of normal tasks like cutting over an acre of grass and yard work. For this I retired??? I'm busier now than when I worked in California but without the murderous commute.
So, if anyone is interested in free class, come to the Westlake Barnes and Noble and take the course. If nothing else, we can have fun and the Customer Relations Manager is wonderful!

I'll be in Houston, TX at the Sisters-in Crime chapter this Saturday and at the Sisters-in Crime chapter in Austin, TX on Sunday. On the 19th of April I'll be at Hill Country Books in Georgetown, TX (north of Austin at 3pm to speak to a mystery readers group and in Ft. Worth on the 27th. So much for April. May looks worse but who's complaining? The people I get to meet are really nice and they usually purchase books and the travel is fun.