Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Award-new book to publisher and new book in work

The job of a writer never stops. When you are not writting, you're selling or talking or ??? This is crazy but we keep doing it. This is because we love to write and when you have a great editor and publisher, you are really motivated. Well, so much for the intro. It's been that kind of week -this past week I mean. I did a class in writing a mystery over three evenings at Barnes and Noble. It was a success but I was glad it was done. Sunday I got the Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Author"s SAGE Award. It is beautiful and the event last Sunday was fun and boy did I get roasted. The President of our chapter of Sisters in Crime works at a bakery and had sugar cookies made that had the picture of my latest book on them. That was really nice and she's a great lady. It was a fun event. My book with Adam Thomas as the new lead character is at the publisher and I've started a new book with Virginia davies as the lead again. Have some talks coming up ranging from Poisons to forensics to Aprons. Don't ask. I'm setting up more signings and talks this summer.