Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LeciCon 2012 in Denton, TX

Went to LexiCon in Denton, Texas last weekend. Was a great conference, good speakers and panels and very friendly people and great mixing and networking. I highly recommend going next year.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Just got done with my first year with the Williamson County Appraiser's Review Board. It is a Legal appeals board. I am a hearing officer. We get trained by the State of Texas and act as hearing officers (judges) on tax appraises. It was fascinating, educational and we did a lot of work. Will have a few scattered hearings later in the year and will hit the deck running next May, June and July.

I'm also on the Chisholm Trail Special Utility District (water district) Board of Directors. It  covers parts of three counties. Things with this district are heating up as well. Interesting job.
Had a thought about writing to share. This is about ideas for a book discussion group:

                                                   Items for a Book Discussion Group

The following is a set of guidelines for use during book discussions at a book club. It is a start for the users to build upon. Feel free to add or subtract as you feel the need. The following is based on a discussion by a number of writers and readers and parts of various articles. I wish I could credit all the participants but I don’t have names. But whoever you are, thanks for the contribution.

Discussion topics:

After you read the book, how did you feel?
Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not?
If you picked up one idea that is central to the book, what would you say it is?
What problems or issues are raised?
How realistic were the main characters?
Would you have made the same or similar decisions in their place?
Were there characters you identified with? If so, how?
Did you feel you were experiencing the time and place which the book was set?
Is the story’s time period critical to the story and why?
How would it have been different if placed in a different time and location?
Did the plot pull you in?
How did the story make you feel?
What emotions did the story evoke?
Did you learn anything from the story?
Did the book end the way you expected?
If you could change anything about the book, what would it be?
Describe what you liked and disliked about the author’s style.
Would you read another book by this author?

Just wanted to update this blog with some good news.

1. Still keeping the weight I lost last year off. Learned that walking 4 to 5 miles a day can be not just good exercise but a lot of fun and clears the mind.

2. Just got back from Lexicon in Denton, Texas. Nice book conference. Lots of fun, good sessions, great people and great interactions and networking. Recommend it for next year.

3. The Trashy Gourmet will be coming out soon.. Good news.

4. Dangerous Threads (a Virginia davies Book) is being edited at the publisher. Good news here too.

5. Met the publisher from Whitebird Publications. She is really nice and has some great ideas and seems easy to work with. I recommend anyone looking for a publisher to contact her. (Evelyn Byrne).

6. Met a literary agent who does more than just represent. She also edits and helps her authors. The company is Writer's Ink / Media and her name is Pat Haarhaus.