Monday, October 29, 2012

New newspaper column and other stuff.

Okay, it's been too long between posts. I have some news:

1. I'm now a columnist for the Georgetown Advocate and my column is called Professor Dave. First column appears in the first november issue. This will be fun.

2. I'm giving two training sessions at Love is Murder mystery conference in Chicago next February1,2&3. This will be fun. The conference was a blast last year and was just the right size to have good speakers etc and small enough to meet new friends. Sold a lot of books too. (Also deductible).

3. Got a publicist to help market The Trashy Gourmet. I'm hoping for lots of good things to happen.

4. Quilters are asking about my next book that is due out soon titled Dangerous Threads. Marketing to the quilters and others will be a lot of fun.

5. Going to Killer Nashville next year and to Bouchercon. Both mystery writing conferences. (Also deductible).

6. Finished the Coroner mystery and now working on another Virginia Davies novel.

         Here is a teaser about the coroner book:


                                                           David Ciambrone

            Eleven thirty in the overcast evening, a man of medium build, with thinning brown hair and wearing wire rimmed glasses, dressed in U.S. Army work camo uniform, with a major’s rank insignia Velcroed to the front, entered the outer section of the Biosafety Level-4 (BSL-4) suites within USAMRIID. Following a carefully laid out plan, he stole the stainless steel thermoses of the particular samples he was after.
            Dr. Jack Turner, a Ph.D. chemist is the Coroner of San Sebastian County, California and a reserve Lt. Colonel in the army attached to USAMRIID. He watches his life change forever when an alarm goes off and emergency protocols lock down one of his autopsy suites. The “customer” in the lab had smallpox. Not just any smallpox, but weaponized smallpox from a chimera. It’s supposed to be extinct, but there are samples still around, at the CDC and the army. But, some of the Army’s is missing from Ft. Detrick, the home of USAMRIID. To add to Dr. Parker’s problems The army presents Dr. Turner with orders from the U.S. Army Adjutant General activating his reserve commission to active duty and authorizes him to act as a law enforcement special agent of the army, to the displeasure of the FBI and local Sheriff, who he must work with. Adding further complications, he has to work with Nancy Cartwright of the Department of Public Heath. Their objective-find the source of the Chimeras and smallpox, find the perpetrators and stop anyone from using it as a terrorist weapon and causing a pandemic, especially with all the military bases, defense contractors and tourist destinations in Southern California.  He has to stop an attack worse than an atom bomb.
            With the clock running down, Jack and Nancy, using their wits, cunning and, slightly bending the rules and the law, entangle the reader in a rapid-fire adventure racing headlong into a series of macabre organizations and locate the smallpox and stop the continuous murders by a group of terrorists. 

Now it's back to work on my new column. Have a safe and fun Halloween!