Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Operation and positive side of things

I went into the hospital the end of May for a routine laposcopic gall bladder removal. It was to be about an hour operation and out of the hospital the next day. Well things went really wrong. The surgeon had to call in another doctor and they opened me up. The operation took over 5 hours and part of the bladder was burned in place because of where it had nested. It was seriously infected and when it was ready to burst (soon according to the surgeon) it would have killed me. Left the hospital a week later with 3 tubes sticking out of me. Two weeks ago the doc removed two and today-after a couple x-rays, the last one comes out. It wasn't what I signed up for but it beats the alternative. The first weeks out of the hospital were trying and I slept a lot. On the positive side I think it was a success--I'm alive, no gall stones and I lost 35 pounds and have managed to keep the weight off so far. I feel great (except for this tube which is coming out today).

I do not recommend this weight loss program.

I'm getting back to writing and getting out more now.