Thursday, May 19, 2011

Virginia Davies new book in work and another one to follow.

Virginia is at it again. Lots of action and adventure as usual. She and her husband Andy along with her friend Donna are in search of the 1933 Sears quilt contest quilt that was displayed tat the Chicago Worlds Fair. It was later given to Mrs. Roosevelt and then it disappeared. That part is true but in the story, it contains something of great value to the government and others.
I'm well along on it and will have it finished before too long.

After that I'm starting a new book.   Chemist Jack Parker, Ph.D., is the Coroner of San Diego County California.  He is also a reserve officer (Lt. Colonel) in the Army Medical Service Corp and has a background in Chemical and biological warfare from working for defense contractors and a stint at USAMRIID (US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES).  One of his Medical Examiners hits the HOT ZONE lock down button while performing an autopsy.  Jack is called to the morgue. The body the M.E. was examining died of smallpox. Not regular smallpox, but an unusual and highly reactive strain of the disease. Dr. Jack looks at and realizes it is at a man made chimera.  The smallpox released from the inside the cells of an E-coli bacteria as the cells were killed by antibiotics and the dead man’s immune system. Who made it? Where did it come from? E-coli is common. But, smallpox was eradicated decades ago. He knows there are still strains of smallpox in labs in Russia and in the US. Did a lab lose a sample? Who has the smallpox virus and why?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New inforation

Gave my new Adam Thomas book to the publisher (L&L Dreamspell) a couple weeks ago. The title is The Trashy Gourmet. Had a lot of events this month and starting to plan some more for the rest of the summer. Will put them in the blog later.