Monday, September 2, 2013

New books and new things

It is September 2013. I had a new book issued this year called Dangerous Threads.

Dangerous Threads

                                                            David Ciambrone

      Virginia Davies-Clark is called back into the service of the Smithsonian Central Security Service and the Department of Defense along with her husband Andy and her friend Donna to locate a quilt. This isn’t just any quilt. At the 1933 Century of Progress in Chicago, Sears Roebuck Company sponsored a quilt contest.  The Grand Prize was to be $1,000.00.  The quilt that won the prize was a pieced one called “The Unknown Star” by the maker, Margaret Rogers Caden of Kentucky.  The quilt, itself, was presented to the wife of the then President, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Sometime during FDR’s presidency the quilt disappeared and has not been seen for almost seventy years. Virginia asks why the DOD is interested in an old quilt. The government agent tells her the quilt contains wire recorder data on the final “Uniform Field Theory” or Theory of Everything. Dr. Einstein supposedly discovered the theory in 1939. And, the theory’s equations were put on a wire recording then placed into the quilt and then hidden as WWII broke out. The recordings of the theory must be kept away from everyone for the resultant theory could destroy the world, or so some people think.
      Virginia’s job is to find the quilt, missing for over seventy years, and get the recordings to Washington for safekeeping.  As she, Andy and Donna start their quest, they find they are not the only ones searching for the quilt and they are attacked by various organizations bent on stopping her and finding the quilt for themselves. Their adversary lists grows and it seems her worst nemesis is their own government. Virginia makes some strange alliances across the country to take down the organizations trying to stop her. Using her wits, cunning, intellect, and guts, she, Andy and Donna locate the quilt and the recordings and uses them to undermine a bold strategy by the traitors in our government trying to kill her and her little group and to take the wire recordings and sell them to a foreign power. Her conniving, devious and messy strategy brings the villains to an explosive end.

I will be at the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild quilt show at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock, Texas Sept. 27, 28th  with this book. Stop by and say hi.

Have two new books coming out shortly. Chimera and Murder at Webster Point Inn.  Working on three more.

JUst got back from Killer Nashville mystery conference--it was great. Lots of great talks and panels and people. Going to Love is Murder in February and to the Texas Book Festival in October at the capital in Austin, TX. 

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